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  • Sheya's Traditional Hapkido East with Master Instructor Doug Mcknew is offering for a limited time a One month free trial membership.  No Contracts Required!

  • Come meet and workout with the instructors and fellow students of Sheya's Traditional Hapkido East for one month with no obligation to join.  This free one month trial period will give you the opportunity to explore the art and your potential.

Students will learn the following starting with
White Belt Program:




Hapkido History Warm-ups and Relevance Ki Breathing Meditation
Sheya's Traditional Hapkido Belt Ranks Tumbling and Falling Concepts of Center, Base
Class Structure 24 Traditional White Belt Motions Connection and Extension
Dojang Etiquette Toughening of Arms

Registered Students will receive the following:

  • List of 24 Traditional White Belt Motions

  • Gi (uniform)                                             

  • White Belt                                           

    Doug McKnew
    9th Degree Black Belt Hapkido Instructor
    410-827-7446 / 443-994-3071

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