Sheya's Traditional Hapkido East teaches traditional Hapkido

  • Hapkido is a soft martial art founded in Korea after World War II.  Expert instructors teach adult students in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.

  • Hapkido takes the path of least resistance, and uses joint-locking, flips, and throws to control the attacker.  Hapkido does not rely on size or strength, and your ability need not diminish with age.

  • There are many motions in Hapkido.  Some of the motions are "exercises," that develop coordination, improve balance, emphasize the principal of being centered, and provide experience feeling connected to your partner.

  • Other motions are "practical," use for self-defense.  Hapkido allows you to respond with different levels of force.  You can deflect an attack, restrain, give pain, or injury if necessary.  

  • Visit one of our classes today. Wear loose fitting clothing if you would like to participate, or feel free to simply observe.

Traditional Hapkido Motions



Doug McKnew
9th Degree Black Belt Hapkido Instructor
410-827-7446 / 443-994-3071

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